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New to Podcasting? This is for you! 😎

This course is perfect if you are new to podcast training, and you are ready to create your podcast.
Each of the 3 modules is jam-packed full of information to help you build a Simple Strategic Podcasting plan.

What's Included In The Podcast Training Course

Researching For Your Podcast

In Module 1, you will be deciding what you want to do and how you will manage your podcast to ensure the first step to success! Key to your success, you will start researching and mapping out a plan to manage your podcast.

Building a Strong Podcast Foundation

In Module 2 you will learn about the many tools available for podcasters and determine which tools will be best for your podcast. I will share the tools I use for my podcast and why I chose them.

Growing Podcasting

In Module 3 you will learn what options are available to help connect your podcast to listeners who would benefit from your content and become customers.

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Modules Included In This Course

Below are the modules available within the Simple Strategic Podcasting course. We would love to share our knowledge with you so that you can get started with our podcast training.

How This Section Works

To view a Module, just click on one of the tabs below. It will open and display the Lessons for each Module. To close the tab, just click it again or click a different tab.

Module 1: Getting Started with Email Marketing
  • What is email marketing?
  • Getting Started With The Basics Of Email Marketing
Module 2: Email Marketing Automation Checklist
  •  Determine What Lists You Need
  • Determine What Emails You Need
  • Working With Tags For Segmenting Users
  • Automating Your Email Marketing Efforts
Module 3: Benefits Of Using Email Marketing In Your Business
  • Targeted and personalized content
  • Using email marketing to build business brand
  • Build stronger customer relationships and boost sales
  • Analyze the activity of subscribers
  • Help drive traffic to your website or podcast
  • Build authority in your industry
Module 4: Engaging and Growing Your Mailing List
  • Strengthen relationships with your subscribers
  • Improve communication to keep your subscribers informed
  • Generate more leads and excitement around your products and services
  • Wrapping things up


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Content on this website is copyrighted and protected. Enjoy learning! 😎

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